Since 2012, Little Mouse on the Prairie has been creating expressive designs starting with jewelry and expanding into apparel. Our pieces are as unique as the modern prairie resident and there’s sure to be something for everyone. From one of a kind vibrant earrings, to simple and elegant pendants, to wearable comfortable clothing, we’ve got you covered! In 2017 we launched Prairie Moto, our apparel line celebrating the vintage and cafe racer motorcycle community of the same name. Who knows where the future will take us, but we can’t wait to see.






I’m Tiffany, the creator of Little Mouse on the Prairie. I grew up in Morden, Manitoba and am currently based out of Winnipeg.

I got the idea for Little Mouse on the Prairie back in 2011 while traveling Australia, and debuted at my home town’s festival in 2012. After a few years I decided to launch a web store and start doing markets in Winnipeg. I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported me so far with their purchases and allowed me to keep doing this.



















I’m Marc, second member and maker for Little Mouse on the Prairie and Co-Creator of the Prairie Moto line. I grew up in the Ile Des Chenes / Lorette area and have been making, dismantling and creating since I was a pre-teen. I was fortunate to have a grand father that was a carpenter, carver and artist, a father that is a jack of all trades and on top of that, the ability to learn anything I put my mind to. I work with metal, wood and anything else I can cut, bend or shape.

I was fortunate enough to meet Tiffany and now here I am, enjoying sharing ideas, creating and designing with her. Tiffany has given me a great opportunity to use my creativity and making skills to produce high quality items for LMoTP!














November 2016: Featured in the Winnipeg Free Press