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Bloodwood Ring (Custom Size)


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Wooden rings are made to order, please allow an extra 2-3 weeks on top of normal delivery times. Please specify ring size between 3 and 13 in notes upon ordering (Not sure your size? Check out the FAQ page), we recommend you double check your measurements as all sales are final. Each ring is unique and may not appear as pictured.


Care of Wooden Rings

  • The more you wear it, the longer it will last. An unused ring will dry and disintegrate over time, a properly cared for and worn ring will last decades.
  • Avoid excess submergence in water (remove your ring before washing dishes, bathing). The odd hand wash is okay as long as no moisture remains between the ring and your finger. One exception to this is antibacterial hand soaps, which should be avoided.
  • Avoid chlorine or salt water.
  • Avoid abrasive materials such as wearing while using cleaning supplies, lotions, hand sanitizers, etc.
  • While wood rings are durable, they are not as durable as metal. If you’ll be using tools or engaging in an activity where it could be smashed, remove the ring.