General Things to Keep in Mind

  • Your screen and my camera don’t always capture the colours exactly as they are. Your items might arrive darker or lighter than you thought.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all jewelry is made of a metal alloy containing nickel or silver plated, so not suitable for people with allergies. If you have a sensitivity to metal I recommend spraying your costume jewelry with clear spray paint.
  • You’re beautiful.  Just remember that mmk? Great.


Care of Costume Jewelry

The thing I love about costume jewelry, is that if it wrecks from improper care or is lost, it’s affordable and not as upsetting to replace.  That being said, here are some tips to help your jewelry live a longer life:

  • Keep it away from water* to avoid discolouration.
  • Put it on last, after perfume, lotion, hairspray and once your skin is dry. These products can cause discolouration and damage the coating on the metal. Sweat also discolours the metal, but hey we’re all hot messes sometimes.
  • Ask for help putting it on.  Trying to awkwardly one hand clasp a bracelet puts strain on the links.
  • Protect it with a coat of clear spray paint or clear nail polish.  This also helps if you have a mild sensitivity.
  • If it’s silver plated, wear it! Silver will tarnish over time, but the process is slowed if you’re wearing it often. A little silver polish will remove tarnish.




Local Pickup:

Please only select this option if you have arranged a time to pickup your order from me personally. Pick up times can be very limited. If you’re unsure or have questions please email for more details.


Within Canada:

Your parcel should arrive in 1-2 weeks, however this is an estimate only. All shipping is done through Canada Post, so if you are concerned about a shipment please check with them on it’s status first.


International (USA):

Your parcel should arrive in 2-3 weeks, however this is an estimate only.


Little Mouse on the Prairie is not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail by Canada Post.


International (non-USA):

If you are from overseas and would like to purchase an item, contact me via email and I will invoice you separately.


All sales are final



*Feed it after midnight at your own discretion.