Prairie Goddess by Little Mouse on the Prairie is about a feeling that’s hard to describe, but we can summarize it as: celebrating the Goddess in you.

Since half our team lives with both physical and mental chronic illness, we know the importance of self care. It’s different for everyone and it means things like taking your medication, eating a real meal, talking to a friend, resting when you should but remembering it’s important to move around too, and so much more.

It can also be about doing something just for you, that makes you feel good, and that’s what inspired the creation of the Prairie Goddess line.

The plan is to focus on small batch bath soaks, and cozy apparel, but as always our lines shift and evolve over time … So we’ll see where this takes us!




Why Soaks?

A bath is something you can do to honour your body, that doesn’t take much work.  Hot water, candle light, aromatherapy, a time to just be still and present.

Our soaks all start with a base of Epsom salt to soothe tired muscles or itchy skin. We then layer in ingredients like Himalayan or Dead Sea salt to up the relaxation game. Add in soothing essential oils and flowers and you’ll feel like a goddess.

Had a bad day? We can help with that.

Sore from a hard work out? We can help with that.

Ready for meditation? We can help with that.

Need to wind down before bed? We can help with that.


“I’ve been using hot baths with my own blends of oils and magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) at home to help relieve some of the muscle pain and tension caused by endometriosis for some time. Since people with celiac disease also tend to have low magnesium, I figure any extra absorption should be beneficial. Those with chronic pain know that on bad days, there’s really nothing that’s going to take away feeling terrible… But this is one thing that helps me a little, and I hope it helps you too.” – Tiffany


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